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Global brand to retailer and wholesalers” is the motto of HRM, that is also the part and parcel of company mission. Our customer service quality is ensured by industry professionals. HRM has customer service based around the world namely in UK, USA, Canada, France, Hong-Kong, Italy and many others. Our consistent, continuous quality standard mainly our communication and round the clock service built HRM a reputable name.

Our business operation model is designed to create value for each of the stakeholders, ranging from raw material providers to the end user. We are focused to be sustainable business entity through continuous and breakthrough improvement and operational excellence. We live for customers and achieving customer satisfaction by creating value with sustainable business process in our ultimate goal.

HRM SOURCING LTD is a significant player in rapidly growing garments industry of Bangladesh since 2006. Our supply chain possess end to end solution for manufacturing and delivering Flat knit, Circular Knit, Woven and Jeans to the apparel industries around globe. HRM is capable of supplying customised demand of global brand retailers and wholesalers.

Hrmsourcing takes the fashion industry to greater heights with clothing production capabilities.

We ensure that our designers and brands aren’t slowed down because of the lack of machinery and the required labour and expertise to produce clothes. Clients having issues placing orders as a result of high minimum order requirements can now do that right here in Bangladesh Hrmsourcing eases the tussle of scaling and developing your fashion brand with our clothing manufacturing services.

Have your great designs and sketches manufactured and make a clear cut difference in the fashion industry today! We have helped a lot of clients achieve their dream and this is just our starting point.As a cloth manufacturing company in Bangladesh, we have numerous of workers with a vast experience in the fashion industry working together with clients to enable them have an exceptional manufacturing process.

Core goals

  • Provide affordable fashion manufacturing services
  • Produce designs and samples in the most cost effective way
  • Support growing brands and emerging designers
  • Maintain the European clothing production footprint
  • Make quality clothing manufacturing more accessible
  • Maintain the European clothing production footprint
  • Make quality clothing manufacturing more accessible
  • Make quality clothing manufacturing more accessible